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In Memoriam

In Loving Memory of Rich DePalma

Rich was a valued employee in the T-Solutions family. Rich had two loves in his life; his wife, Sylvia DePalma, and his ships, The MCM9 Pioneer and The MCM11 Devastator.

Rich was a leader, a mentor and a friend for the ship crews he served as well as the Port Engineer fraternity. He took all the new hire young Port Engineers under his wing and became a special person in their lives. He was recognized for his unique technical andpersonal talents by his assignment as the Senior Port Engineer in Ingleside, Texas.

Through his dedication and vast knowledge in the Maritime Industry, Rich was routinely recognized by the U.S. Navy for his achievements. He was a wonderful man and extremely talented and accomplished engineer. Rich DePalma is truly missed by everyone andT-Solutions is honored to havehad him as part of our team and our family.