T-Solutions teamed with Capstone Corporation on their recently awarded five-year contract to provide a broad range of operational support for Joint Exercise Planning, Defense Readiness Reporting System, and Special Funds Administration services to the U.S. Navy’s Fleet Forces Command in Norfolk VA.

The United States Fleet Forces Command (USFFC) supports the Chief of Naval Operations, combatant commanders worldwide, and Navy Regional Commanders by providing responsive, relevant, sustainable naval forces for exercise participation and support.

T-Solutions in conjunction with Capstone Corporation will provide professional, operational planning, and administrative support to the USFFC Joint Exercise Office. The tasking includes the development, coordination, preparation and execution of Joint and Service exercises. Our T-Solutions/Capstone team will assist in the execution and control of individual exercises; develop, validate, monitor and update exercise data bases; validate and monitor unit and individual exercise participation; develop lessons learned and after-action reports, and create an exercise assessment and data collection plan associated with each exercise. T-Solutions will provide our personnel in support of this contract in Norfolk, VA.